8 Desperate Solutions to Stop Sciatica Nerve Pain That Don’t Work and Have Bad Consequences

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The debilitating and relentless nerve pain of Sciatica often motivates desperate short-term solutions that don’t work, don’t help, and can have serious long-term consequences. Get tips for 8 ways NOT to treat Sciatica in this article.

The third most common reason why people in the U.S. visit a healthcare provider is because they’re experiencing back pain, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Even more specifically, the Cleveland Clinic estimates that approximately 40% of all Americans will experience Sciatica (sciatic nerve pain) at sometime in their lives.

Most people who have experienced a full-blown “sciatica attack,” describe it as the worst pain of their lifetime. It can be relentless, debilitating and immobilizing. Out of desperation, and because of a lack of information and understanding about sciatica pain, people become willing to try anything just to make the pain stop.

Unfortunately, the desperate actions sciatica sufferers take may not be solutions at all. Some strategies may cause more damage, may prolong the pain, or may provide only temporary relief and leave behind long-term consequences.

What follows are 8 Sciatica Don’ts that medical and alternative practitioners recommend all Sciatica sufferers avoid.


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