Stop Sciatica Pain by Finding a Spine-aligned Nerve Neutral Position

Sciatica Triage Relieve Pressure Pain Spine Neutral Position Barbara Farfan

Anyone experiencing the excruciating pain of Sciatica is desperate to find a comfortable position that they can sit, stand or lie in. But without information about what will disengage the Sciatic Nerve and create a comfortable position, the desperate search is futile.

Relieve the Pain by Finding Your Spine-aligned Nerve Neutral Position

My own personal experience with Sciatica pain that was so bad it had me crawling on the floor to get to the bathroom led me to this conclusion. The first thing I would do if I ever found myself in Sciatica pain again, and the first thing I would recommend that anyone in Sciatica pain should do is in the video below. I call it “Finding a Spine-aligned Nerve Neutral Position.” Simply put, it means finding a position that you can lay in that disengages the pressure that is inflaming the Sciatic Nerve and causing the pain.

I found this video when I was desperate searching for Sciatica solutions in the middle of the global lockdown of 2020 when there were no healthcare resources available to help me. Using the information in the video, I was able to alleviate the pain enough that I didn’t feel like screaming into my pillow any more.

One thing I will add to this video about Finding your Spine-aligned Nerve Neutral position… The Physical Therapist says that laying on your stomach is probably not the best idea. I do understand the rationale behind that, but, in fact, laying on my stomach on top of a body-length pillow was the only position I could tolerate for a while. I tell you that in order to encourage you to keep looking for your Spine-aligned Nerve Neutral position until you find it.

You’ll know it when you feel it!

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