What follows are the videos and instructions for Step 2 – 10 of the Do-It-Yourself Liposomal Vitamin C Home Remedy Recipe. Click to get the Do-It-Yourself Liposomal Vitamin C Home Remedy Recipe if you’ve reached this page without reading the full Liposomal Vitamin C recipe and the first part of these instructions,

STEP 2 – Stirring the Organic Sunflower Lecithin into the Distilled Water to Remove Lumps

MAKE YOUR OWN LIPOSOMAL VITAMIN C STEP 2 of 10 – Stir the measured non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin into the measured distilled water, and remove some of the clumps and lumps.

The second step in the make-your-own Liposomal Vitamin C recipe is to stir the non-GMO Lecithin that you just measured into distilled water. No matter how much you “sprinkle” the lecithin granules into the distilled water, it’s going to form into some lumps and clumps because “binding” is the nature of lecithin.

There’s no need to worry about creating a blended, lump-free mxture at this point. This Sunflower Lecithin mixture is going to soak and during that soaking process, the lecithin is going to break down and become gelatinous. So, really, I just break apart some of the bigger clumps at this point, and stir everything around in the water.

Step 3 – Soak the Lecithin

MAKE YOUR OWN LIPOSOMAL VITAMIN C STEP 3 of 10 – After breaking down some of the bigger clumps and lumps of Sunflower Lecithin, allow the mixture to soak for two hours.

REMEMBER: Do not spend more than 3 minutes in the previous step trying to remove clumps and lumps. They will break down without any help in this “soaking” step.

This is a short video because in this third step of the make-your-own Liposomal C recipe, the biggest thing you have to do is walk away. The non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin needs to soak in the distilled water for 2 hours so that it is the correct consistency for the ultrasonic cavitation step later

The only thing you might need to do in this step is to cover your glass soaking if you think it needs to be protected from any type of foreign objects (like dust) that might find its way into the container in the next two hours. Do NOT cover the glass container with aluminum foil or anything metal.

Set a timer, alarm, or your phone to notify you when 2 hours have passed. And then go do something else. As the saying goes, “a watched glass container of non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin never soaks.” Or something like that.

Step 4 – Add Organic Acerola Powder to Distilled Water

MAKE YOUR OWN LIPOSOMAL VITAMIN C STEP 4 of 10 – Add the plant-based organic Acerola powder to the distilled water in a glass container.

Step 5 – Stir the Organic Acerola Powder and Dissolve

MAKE YOUR OWN LIPOSOMAL VITAMIN C STEP 5 of 10 – Stir the Acerola Powder to help it dissolve into the distilled water.

Step 6 – Combine the Soaked Sunflower Lecithin with the dissolved organic Acerola Vitamin C

MAKE YOUR OWN LIPOSOMAL VITAMIN C STEP 6 of 10 – Combine the soaked non-GMO Lecithin mixture with the dissolved Acerola Powder mixture together .in a blender.

Step 7 – Mix the Sunflower Lecithin and Organic Acerola Together in a Blender

MAKE YOUR OWN LIPOSOMAL VITAMIN C STEP 7 of 10 – Blend the combined Lecithin / Acerola mixtures on low for one minute.

Step 8 – Pour the Vitamin C/Lecithin Mixture in an Everyday Ultrasonic Device

MAKE YOUR OWN LIPOSOMAL VITAMIN C STEP 8 of 10 – Pour the blended Lecithin-Acerola mixture into the ultrasonic cavitation device (a/k/a your ultrasonic jewelry cleaner).

Step 9 – Stir the Acerola/Lecithin Liquid in the Ultrasonic Device

MAKE YOUR OWN LIPOSOMAL VITAMIN C STEP 9 of 10 – Stir the liquid mixture in the ultrasonic device while the ultrasonic frequencies encapsulate the Acerola Vitamin C inside the Lecithin liposomes (nano spheres).

Step 10 – Pouring and Storing Your Make-Your-Own Liposomal Vitamin C Finished Product

MAKE YOUR OWN LIPOSOMAL VITAMIN C STEP 10 of 10 – Pour your completed make-your own Liposomal Vitamin C into a glass container to store. Depending on the size of your ultrasonic device, you make need to repeat Step 8-10 to “cook” a second batch with remaining blended Acerola-Lecitin liquid mixture.