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When I had a Sciatica attack during the Global Pandemic Lockdown of 2020, there was nowhere to go and no one to ask for help in a small Mexican town on the Yucatan peninsula. My only resource was Dr. Google, where I found lots of conflicting information and very little hope.

Eventually, after trolling through about 11.2 billion websites, blog posts, videos, and social media links, I cobbled together a collection of natural treatments that helped me stop my Sciatica pain and heal my Sciatic nerve. I haven’t experienced Sciatica symptoms since August, 2020.

I Didn’t Find a Sciatica Natural Treatments Plan, So I Created One

Dr. Google helped me find an eclectic collection of natural treatments for Sciatica, but I couldn’t find a start-to-finish PLAN. In retrospect, I believe the reason why this particular natural treatment plan worked for me was because Sciatica demands to be attended to in a certain order. Personally, when I was crawling to the kitchen just to get glass of water, I definitely didn’t know what the natural order of Sciatica was. But I was determined to figure it out.

So, Sciatica pain necessity became the mother of Sciatica Natural Treatment invention. One small improvement at a time, I came up with a plan that worked for me. And for anyone using Dr. Google to find a Sciatica natural treatment plan right now, I’m happy to share the PLAN that worked for me…


“Exactly What I Did to Stop Sciatica: The At-Home Treatments and Natural Remedies That Worked to Eliminate My Sciatica Pain and Keep It Away” **


This “Exactly What I Did to Stop Sciatica Pain” Quick Reference is for you if:

  • You’re suffering with the pain of Sciatica right now OR…
  • You have chronic Sciatica pain OR…
  • You’ve taken pain medications but they haven’t helped much OR…
  • Sciatica pain is wearing you down and you’re feeling desperate for solutions OR…
  • Sciatica has interrupted, changed, or even ruined your lifestyle OR…
  • You want to know the exact treatments and remedies that stopped somebody else’s Sciatica pain.

If you have found this Sciatica quick reference guide, you are actively searching for Sciatica solutions. Straightforward answers are here for free.

Know more. Feel better.

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** The author is not an MD or credentialed practitioner of any kind.  This publication is provided for information purposes only.  Always take responsibility for your own health choices and seek the advice of any type of practitioners you think are necessary.  

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